About us


"Chitch-Ya!" would ring out along the Guadalupe River in South Texas as I corralled the river-goers and promoted a fun, yet safe rafting experience. I was a River Guide at the time and my dog, "Cope" and I spent many of our days floating down the river. My buddies and I quickly coined the "Chitch-ya" phrase and used it to identify anything we were doing as a group. We had the Chitch-ya Softball Team, Chitch-ya Christmas Party, Chitch-ya Skeet Shooting Tournament, Chitch-ya Washer Team.... the list goes on. Eventually we created a logo and decided the real Chitch-ya was best represented by outdoorsmen. Chitch-Ya Outdoors was later founded and established as a union of all things outdoors that make you say "Chitch-Ya!"